Important Christian Festivals

Though Christianity is one of the most celebrated religions in the world, a lot is not known about it – most importantly, the important festivals and days that mark the Christian Calender. In this post, we’ve covered a few important festivals and events that are an essential part of the life of every devout Christian:

The four-week period before Christmas that marks the beginning of the holiest day in the Christian calendar is Advent. Advent is more of a preparatory phase for Christians – to give them ample time to cleanse their minds and hearts to make way for the birth of Baby Jesus in their lives. Advent is all about reflecting and trying to bring out the best version of yourself – because the birth of the King is very special!


This festival needs no introduction –it’s celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm all across the world. This day marks the birth of the savior, Jesus, who brings peace to the world. It’s all about celebration and good vibes during this time – and awesome food and fun surprises too!

Celebrated 12 days after Christmas, Epiphany is when the Three Wise Men (or the Magi) visited baby  Jesus, each with a very significant gift – gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These gifts stood for something lot more important, and that’s why Epiphany is marked with great reverence.

The 40-day period exactly before Good Friday that’s all about fasting, penance, and repentance is what Lent is all about. This pious period again is for reflecting upon ourselves, forgiving and forgetting, and also being able to conquer our desires. While fasting is not compulsory during these 40 days, devout Christians do observe complete fasting throughout these 40 days. The rest abstain from meat, alcohol and stay away from things that they otherwise can’t stay without.

Maundy Thursday:
Justa day before Good Friday, Maundy Thursday marks the Last Supper. This day is often replicated in Churches all around the world – to help people understand the importance of this memorable day. Jesus shared his last supper with his 12 disciples; this day was going to be life changing for them all and for the future of Christianity too.

The day when Jesus was resurrected on the third day after his crucifixion – to make every word in the Scripture come true. It’s the day of liberation for Christians all over the world – making celebrations a must here. This day marks joy and celebration in the entire Christian community as their King as it marks the triumph of good over evil.