Important Christian beliefs

  • Christians are raised to pursue the principal of monotheistic. This principle essentially means that Christians believe in God by divided into three vital aspects which include the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Here, the terms father refers to God himself and son refers to Jesus Christ. Christians are born and raised to believe that only one sole God exists mandatorily, and he is the supreme creator of the heavens and earth.
  • The Christian religion revolves around the essence, life death and beliefs of the savior and the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Beliefs about the resurrection of Jesus play an imperative role in the core of Christianity as well. Christians are born to believe the foundation that Jesus Christ, the true son of the almighty himself was sent on to this Earth, in the form of a messiah to guide the people and save the planet. According to historical facts, Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross to offer and seek forgiveness of sins committed. Jesus was later then resurrected after three days of his death before finally ascending himself to the holy heavens.

  • According to Christianity, Christians believe in the hope of what is known as the Second Coming. The Second Coming essentially means the return of the Jesus on to planet Earth, again after his ascension into heaven.
  • Christianity is guided and based on the holy book, the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible entails all essential and critical teachings of Jesus, his great prophets and disciples. It describes the life of Jesus and his holy disciples and tells critical moral values that Christians should follow. The Holy Bible is like a manual or instruction book commanding Christians on how to live a truly Christian life with Christian morals and principles by teaching them about the story of Jesus Christ.
  • The Holy Bible has two versions of it, namely, the Old Testament and the New Testament. Jews and Christians, both alike are believed to follow the Old Testament view of the Holy Bible. However, Christians are said to have embraced the New Testament of the Holy Bible as well.

  • Christianity is recognized universally by the symbol of a cross, which depicts Jesus Christ when laid on the cross. It is declared as the official symbol of Christianity.
  • In the religion of Christianity, the birthday of Jesus Christ is widely celebrated as Christmas while the resurrection day of Jesus is celebrated as Easter. These two holidays are the most Christian holidays.