Jesus’s Teachings

Christians embraced many of the instructions cited by Jesus Christ. The son or Jesus Christ often used parables to convey his teachings. Few of the essential lessons and words of God being embraced and upheld by all Christians today are:-

Matt. 3:13-17 – The Christian life is commenced through baptism

Matt. 4:1-11 – Jesus recites that God is available to help and guide us not give in to temptation

Matt. 4:17- Jesus tells his children to repent, turn away from sins and confess any wrongdoing.


Matt. 4:18-22- Jesus says to follow him to help seek other followers.

Matt. 16.24-27 – Jesus recites to take up the cross and follow him.

Matt. 4:23; 13:18-52; 18:1-5 – Jesus consistently quotes, “the kingdom of heaven is at hand” signifying that heaven is on earth and in the future, we will be in the presence of the Almighty and Jesus.

Matt. 4:24-25; 9:9-13- Jesus portrayed and depicted compassion for all and helped them irrespective of the poor, outcast and wants us to do the same.

Matt .9:14-17- Jesus recites that he is similar to new wineskins or an entirely new thing.

Matt .9:18-31 – The various stories of miracles and healings of the son, Jesus Christ teach the message of having faith, as it is enough.


Matt. 6:1-6- Jesus emphasizes being sincere and avoids being a hypocrite.

Matt. 10.40; 16:13-20- Jesus recites, himself and God are one.

Matt. 10:35-38; 12:46-50- Jesus warns his followers; do not let family come in the way of following him.

Matt. 12: 1-8; 15:1-9- Jesus and only Jesus have authority over law and traditions.

Matt. 1:22-23; 17:9-13- Jesus fulfills the needs of the Old Testament scriptures.

Matt. 19:13-15- Jesus preaches that you must become like a child in order to enter thy kingdom.

Matt. 28:16-19- Jesus’s disciples form and become a holy community of faith which initiates the beginning of the Christian church universal.

Matt .21-27- The things that took place on Jesus’s last week on Earth are a combination of his teachings, ministry and lastly, death on a cross. It depicts a man who has never sinned and was ready to suffer for our sins by being nailed to the cross.

Matt. 28:7-10- Jesus recites he is alive and commands to go tell everyone.

Matt. 28:20b- Jesus tells that he will forever be with you.