During the past few weeks there have been auto
"break-ins" in our church parking lot.

Items taken include: pocketbooks, GPS systems, radar
detectors, gifts, etc.

Only you can prevent something like this from
happening to you.  See to it that you lock your car and be
certain nothing of value is visible.  Remember the old
saying "out of sight, out of mind".

Also, to any person going to receive Holy Communion,
please take your car keys and or purse with you. DO
NOT LEAVE anything in the pew as a temptation or free
offer to someone  to take them.

This also has happened here where wallets have been
taken from a purse.

The police have been notified of the break-ins and have
been requested to give an extra patrol in our parking lot
area during Masses.

Only YOU can prevent temptation by keeping your
valuables out of sight.

Thank you.
Deacon Joe