Myths about Christianity

The biggest religion in the world, with millions of followers spread across the world, has it’s share of myths too. These myths are pretty deep-seated in the minds of not only those who are followers of Christianity but also of those who aren’t. Let’s take a look at what these myths are, and what the actual truth is!

MYTH 1: Origins of Christianity are traced in the West:
Well, if you actually dig deeper in historical records, facts, and figures, you will be stunned to know that the establishment of the Church in the Eastern regions of the world was done many years earlier than the that in the West! So if you actually note, the Church in India, China, and other eastern countries are much older than the that in North Europe.

MYTH 2: Christianity is biased and intolerant towards other religions:
Christianity is a religion that revolves around the commandment – ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ The most fundamental teaching of Christianity is that love is the foundation of the human race and treating every other human love the way deserve to be treated is what Christianity is all about. And along with loving others comes acceptance for the way they are and their way of life, too.

MYTH 3: Christianity has no relevance to the modern world:
Those who have carefully read the Scriptures will know how relevant the Bible is to the modern world. The best part about the Bible is that has in it all advice and knowledge about everything – finances, friendship, relations, love, marriage, religion, practical world – it encompasses everything you need to survive in the modern world. In fact, the Scriptures are what will help you keep yourself sane in the madness this modern world brings in.

MYTH 4: Christianity is not for the literate:
By literate, we mean those who have mastered their fields, especially science and have the ability to question the Scriptures. However, this is a huge myth about Christianity which has enveloped the world. It has been observed that those with immense knowledge in their respective fields still have an unshaken faith in what the Bible says. So this clearly washes away the myth that Christianity is not meant for the literate at all.

There we go, major myths about Christianity busted right there.