Liturgical music is an essential element of
community worship, and fosters full
participation in parish liturgies.

This ministry includes the children's choir, the
folk choir, the adult choir, and song leaders.

The children's choir focuses on the enjoyment
of participating in the liturgy. It includes the
historical and liturgical aspects of worship
and helps to demonstrate to children that
music is a natural part of worship.

The folk group carries on the tradition of
Vatican II in making our worship accessible to
every age and taste. It draws on both new
and traditional folk music.

The adult choir has a long tradition of
high-quality musical expression in support of
liturgical worship. It explores a diversity of
musical forms from chant to twentieth century
liturgical compositions. Song leaders lead and
support the congregation in singing at Mass.
The Festival Choir of
Christ the King Church
Director of Music
Dennis Ferrante