Catholic links and resources for the entire family

The website of the Diocese of Worcester is an invaluable source of
information about events and concerns the local Catholic community.

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At this website are listed many additional important resources such as:
1)  The interesting and informative articles on local Catholic events and
issues in the Catholic Free Press
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2)    Diocese Dispatch
3)    TV Ministry
4)    Diocese News Release
5)    Worcester Diocesan Annual Appeal - Partners in Charity
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The Vatican website (Click here) has information on a vast array of Catholic
literature, history, and documents including
1)   Catechism of the Catholic Church (Click here)
2)   Sacred Scripture (Click here)
3)   Documents of the II Vatican Council (Click here)

Other important informational websites include:
1) New American Bible (Click here).
2) Catholic News Service (Click here)
3) Catholic online (Click here)
4) //
5) //

Links for Children:
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Links for Teenagers: (click here) for Teen page

For Catholic music (contemporary and classical):