Welcome to our parish family

Whether you've joined us from across the
ocean, across the country, or across the city,
we welcome you to our family of Christ the
King Church and hope we can help you
quickly feel at home here.
Traveling to a new home means you'll have
questions and concerns of all types. This
webpage was designed to answer as many of
them as possible.
For current information concerning the
state of Massachusetts
(Click here)  and the
city of Worcester
(Click here).
The local daily Worcester newspaper, the
Telegram and Gazette, may be accessed
Click here:
A weekly news magazine containing many
local articles is the Worcester Magazine
which may be accessed
(Click here)
Newspapers published in other cities that
may be informative are the Washington Post

(click here)
, the New York Times (click here) , and
the Boston Globe
(click here).
Information concerning automobile licensing
may be attained at the Massachusetts Registry
of Motor Vehicles website.
(Click here)
Other official city websites include the  
Worcester Public Library
(Click here).
Information on the demographics of
the city are accessed
(Click here)
To obtain a map of Worcester, Ma.
Local weather information may be
(Click here)